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Tipton, in Moniteau County, Missouri, was an eastern terminus of the Butterfield Overland Mail when it began in 1958. The Butterfield Overland Mail was a stage line that predated the Pony Express. From Tipton, the stage went to Fort Smith, Arkansas, where another branch from Memphis entered. From there, it continued on to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Tipton was named for William Tipton Seely, a local businessman who had been granted the land upon which Tipton was built for his service in the War of 1812. Tipton is known for its water tower, which has been painted like an eight-ball since 1968, for the Fischer Manufacturing Company, established by a native of Tipton, which claimed to be the largest manufacturer of pool tables in the United States. No major battles were fought in Tipton during the Civil War, although Union General John C. Fremont made his headquarters there in the fall of 1861, and Confederate troops led by General Joseph Shelby burned the Tipton railroad depot and cars in October of 1862. Gene Clark, who sang with the New Christy Minstrels, co-founded The Byrds, and was part of the the country duo, Dillard and Clark, was born in Tipton. US Highway 50 and Missouri Highway 5 intersect at Tipton. Surrounding communities include Clarksburg, Florence, Fortuna, Latham, and Syracuse.



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