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Town and Country, Missouri is a western suburb of St. Louis. In the late 1800s, the community was known as Altheim, and was a farming town along Clayton Road, its center being between Clayton and Mason Roads. When the town was first incorporated as a village in 1950, the area consisted of large residential lots, and was named for the intention of the city’s founders to maintain a mixture of town and rural properties. Strict zoning requirements encouraging large yards and property led to the growth of large populations of white-tailed deer, which became a major problem by the 1990s, which the city initially dealt with through a program of moving the deer to rural areas, then by sterilization, and finally sharpshooting in order to reduce the population of deer. In recent years, lot sizes have been reduced, although the city still has some larger lots with grazing horses, as well as large tracts of undeveloped land. Surrounding communities include Chesterfield, Country Life Acres, Creve Coeur, Crystal Lake Park, Des Peres, Frontenac, Huntleigh, Manchester, and Olivette. The City of St. Louis is fifteen miles to the east.


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