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Truesdale was a railroad town that grew up along the North Missouri Railroad. The new railroad was incorporated in 1851, with the plan to extend its tracks from St. Louis to all points west. In anticipation of the railroad, William Truesdail, a railroad contractor, bought a large tract of land and laid out a village, making a deal with his employer, the North Missouri Railroad, to give them land for a depot and switchyard if they would name the village after him. In 1857, the first train arrived at Truesdail, Missouri. Originally, the spelling of the village’s name was the same as its founder, but at some point it was changed to Truesdale. When the American Civil War began, Truesdail, who was sympathetic to the Union, was appointed military superintendent of the North Pacific Railroad, and he later was placed in charge of police and secret service, scouts and couriers, and the forwarding of mail and dispatches. General Rosecrans later gave him the title of Chief of the Secret Service with the Army of the Cumberland and, although he was a civilian, he became known as Colonel Truesdail. Today, the city is situated along Interstate Highway 70, adjacent to the city of Warrenton, on the west, while Wright City is to the east.



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