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The village of Tuscumbia is the county seat of Miller County, Missouri. When Miller County was created in 1837, the temporary seat of government was the William Miller log house near the mouth of Saline Creek but, that same year, land was donated for the creation of Tuscumbia by J.P. and J.B. Harrison, and the village was the first in the county to be surveyed, and named for the town by that name in Alabama. The village is concentrated along the banks of the Osage River. A post office was established at Tuscumbia before the year was over, with J.P. Harrison serving as the first postmaster. No major battles were fought in Tuscumbia during the Civil War, although minor skirmishes and guerrilla raid slowed the growth of the town during the war period. After the war, lead mining was one of the town’s growth industries, continuing into the early 1900s. A branch of the Missouri Pacific Railroad was built to Bagnell, which was then a leading shipping point. In 1903, the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad came through Tuscumbia. Missouri Highways 52 and 17 serve the area, along with Missouri Route HH. Surrounding communities include Bagnell, Capps, Eldon, Etterville, Eugene, Henley, Marys Home, St. Anthony, St. Elizabeth, Ulman, and West Aurora. Jefferson City is about thirty-three miles to the northeast.



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