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Situated on the Bourbeuse River, fifty miles southwest of St. Louis, the city of Union is the county seat of Franklin County, Missouri. Surrounding communities include Aeker Ford, Clover Bottom, Gildehouse, Jeffriesburg, Krakow, Moselle, Robertsville, St. Clair, Villa Ridge, and Washington. Union was designated the seat of government for Franklin County in 1825, and so named as an expression of people and ideas coming together to choose Union as a centrally located seat of county government. No major Civil War battles were fought in Union, although Confederate troops confronted Federal forces with canon fire and an attack on Vitt’s Mill in Union, leaving one hundred captured, wounded or dead. The Confederates were victorious, and used the mill for several days to mill flour for Southern troops. In 1882, a stock company was formed to build a telephone line connecting the towns of Union and Washington, and Bell Telephone took over the operations in 1900. The St. Louis, Kansas City and Colorado Railroad came to Union in 1887. The first successful factory in Union was the National Cob Pipe Works, opened in 1907, and East Central College opened its doors in 1968, and is currently situated on more than two hundred acres in Union.


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