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Located in central-eastern Missouri, the St. Louis County city of Valley Park was originally a Mississippian Indian settlement along the Meramec River. It was settled by French and German immigrants in the 1760s and has been known by several names, including Nasby, Sulphur Springs, Quinette and Meramec before settling on Valley Park in 1890. One of the first post offices in Missouri was established in Valley Park. The first lynching in St. Louis County took place in Valley Park in 1894. Accused of raping a white teenager, a black man by the name of John Buckner was taken from the police by local residents and hung from a bridge overlooking the Meramec River. No one was charged in the crime. During the early 1900s, as many as seventy trains were passing through the city in a day, and Valley Park was a center for industry. Then, a 1915 flood destroyed the main bridge leading to the town, along with several large factories along the river, and the town never recovered financially. Nevertheless, it was incorporated in 1917. The city did well as a summer resort, however. St. Louis families would board trains for summer vacations, weekends, or summer family homes along the river, and clubhouses were built. The community hosts several parks, sanctuaries, and trails. Its population doubled during the late 20th century. Across the river from Valley Park, to the south, is Peerless Park, while Twin Oaks is to the north. St. Louis is twenty miles to the northeast.



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