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The city of Warrensburg, Missouri is the county seat of Johnson County. The area became part of the United States as a result of the Louisiana Purchase, a contractual agreement between President Thomas Jefferson and the nation of France, and further treaties with the Osage Indians opened the area up for settlement by European Americans. The first was a man named Pleasant Rice, who built a home in the area that was to become Warrensburg in 1818, who subsisted largely through hunting and trapping. The Osage Trail followed a path that is now known as Highway 13, bringing additional settlers to the area. Another route followed what is now Highway 50. Johnson County was created in 1834, with Warrensburg officially created to be the county seat in 1836, and named for Martin Warren, an early settler and blacksmith, who sold his land to be used to create the city. Originally, the town was known as Warren's Corner, then Warren's Burg, before settling on the current name. On March 26, 1862, the Battle of Warrensburg began when Colonel William Quantrill and a group of more than two hundred Confederate raiders engaged a Union outpost that was headquartered in the Warrensburg courthouse building. Although the Union forces were outnumbered by 200 to 60, the Confederates failed to overtake the Union position after a two-day battle, and finally retreated. Today, the University of Central Missouri is located in Warrensburg. Nearby communities include Centerview, Columbus, Cornelia, Fayetteville, Knob Nost, Montserrat, and Valley City.


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