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Warsaw is the county seat of Benton County, Missouri. Prior to French settlers coming to the area in the early 1700s, it was inhabited by the Delaware, Shawnee, Sac, Kickapoo, and Osage. Named for the capital of Poland, the town was settled around 1820, platted in 1837, and incorporated as a city in 1843, when it was designated the county seat. In the early days, the city was a steamboat port, bring the furthest point of the Osage River that steamboats could navigate. In the early 1900s, German, Scotch-Irish, and English immigrants came to the area, along with farmers from Kentucky, Tennessee and the Carolinas. Today, Warsaw is situated between the Truman Reservoir and the Lake of the Ozarks. Nearby communities include Tackner and Whitakerville. Kansas City is one hundred and five miles to the northwest, and St. Louis is two hundred and twenty-four miles to the east.


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