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Waverly, Missouri is in Lafayette County. Founded in the 1840s, the city overlooks the Missouri River. Confederate General Joseph Orville Shelby was a resident of Waverly before the Civil War, where he was engaged in steamboating, and running a hemp plantation, a ropeworks, and a sawmill. His leadership in pro-slavery causes just before the start of the war harmed his business ventures, including the arson of his new sawmill. Following the war, he and about a thousand troops crossed the border into Mexico, where they were given land for an American colony near Veracruz. He returned to Missouri in 1867, and resumed farming, later becoming a witness for Frank James at his trial in 1883. He was appointed US Marshall for the Western District of Missouri in 1893, a position he held until his death in 1897. Today, the city of Waverly is accessed by US Highway 24 and Business Highway 24. Surrounded by several fruit orchards, particularly apple trees, Waverly is west of Grand Pass, east of Dover, and north of Blackburn.



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