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The city of Weston, Missouri is in Platte County. Originally known as West Town, Weston was the oldest settlement in the Platte Purchase of 1836, and named for its position, at the time, as the farthest western settlement in the United States. Another story is that the town was named for First Sergeant Tom Weston, who was stationed at Fort Leavenworth, across the Missouri River, who helped to lay out the town. William “Buffalo Bill” Cody was a resident of Weston while the town was a jumping off point for the Santa Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail, and the California Gold Rush. At one time, Weston was the second largest port on the Missouri River, with a population larger than both Kansas City and St. Joseph, and the second largest city in Missouri. However, an 1881 flood shifted the river to an old channel two miles away. In 1842, the Weston Brewing Company was established by John Georgian, a German immigrant. One of the first lager beer breweries in the country, the Weston Brewing Company is still in operation. The town and surrounding area was also a center for hemp an tobacco production. After major floods, fires, and the Civil War, the town’s population declined to under a thousand for a time, and currently has only about two thousand residents. Kickapoo, Kansas is west of the city, across the Missouri River. Tracy and Platte City are southeast, and Iatan is northwest. Kansas City is about thirty miles to the southeast, and St. Joseph is about the same distance to the north.


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