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Situated along Interstate Highway 70, about forty-five miles west of St. Louis, Wright City, Missouri is a semi-rural city that consists mostly of single family homes, with some multi-family housing structures, and a variety of industries, stores and restaurants. Truesdale and Warrenton are west of Wright City, Foristell and Wentzville are east, South Troy is north, Moscow Mills is northeast, Pauldingville is southeast, and Innsbrook is south. Platted as a village on land owned by Dr. Henry C. Wright in 1857, Wright City was formed in anticipation of the North Missouri Railroad, which was established that year. Dr. Wright’s home was constructed at an area that is now the corner of South First Street and South Locust. In September of 1863, the Wright City Raid resulted in the burning of the Baptist Church, Bryan’s Blacksmith Shop and Kennedy’s Saloon, all places where Confederate sympathizers were known to congregate, were burned to the ground by Union militia. Wright City became a town in 1869, and was incorporated as a fourth-class city in 1941. The city has prospered due its position along the railroad, Highway 40, and now Interstate Highway 70, which was built in the 1950s.


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