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Alberton is a small town in Mineral County, Montana. The town was established as a railroad terminal for the Milwaukee Railroad. Prior to the coming of the railroad, there were only two homesteaders in the area that was to become Alberton. Henry and Catherine Brown had been working the land since 1891, and Amadie and Phoebe Agnes Poirier began homesteading there in 1899. Railroad President Albert J. Earling chose the north bank of the Clark Fork for the railroad, and was in need of land for the railway’s right of way, a train station, and rail yards to service its steam engines. Construction of the station began in 1908 and, although the terminal station was originally named Browntown, it was renamed Alberton for both Albert Earling and Alexander Albert, who homesteaded on the south shore of the river. Alberton was incorporated as a town in 1920. Cement sidewalks replaced its boardwalks in 1925, electricity became available in 1929, and telephones in 1954. Alberton is home to the Northwest Indian Bible School, founded by the Wesleyan Methodists. Alberton is west of Soudan, Huson, and Frenchtown, and east of Tarkio, along I-90.



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