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Situated in the south-central part of Montana, Billings is the largest city in the state, and the seat of government for Yellowstone County. Prior to its settlement by European-Americans, the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through the region, and William Clark carved his name into Pompeys Pillar, a distinctive rock in Billings that is now a national historic monument. Billings was founded on what was known as Clarks Fork Bottom. A town by the name of Coulson was settled in 1877, and grew rapidly until the Northern Pacific Railway built the new town of Billings two miles away. Now defunct, the area that was Coulson is now within the Billings city limits, and all that remains of it is its Boothill Cemetery. Coulson Park, a Billings city park, sits on the river bank where Coulson once was. Billings was named for Frederick H. Billings, a railroad president, in 1882. Serving as a western railhead for farther westward expansion, Billing grew rapidly. Famous people who once lived in Billings include Calamity Jane, Charles Lindbergh, Arlo Guthrie, Carson Allen, and Phil Amato.


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