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Originally, the town of Bridger, in Carbon County, Montana, consisted of a mile long alley of wooden shacks and hastily assembled commercial enterprises. It was known as Stringtown then, and people came for jobs in the coal mines. Later, oil was discovered. Calamity Jane lived in Stringtown in the early days. At some point, the town was renamed for the famous scout, Jim Bridger. Tesidents of the town wanted to name it for George Town, one of the original settlers, but he encouraged them to name it for his friend. The Bridger Trail passes southeast of the town. The Bridger post office was established in 1898. At one time, the Northern Pacific Railroad had a terminal in Bridger, and the Montana, Wyoming and Southern Shoreline took over the service from Bridger to Wahoe, where it delivered coal from the mines of Washoe, Foster Gulch, and Bearcreek to the Bridger terminal. Bridger is located on US Highway 310, south of Fromberg and Rockvale.



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