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Columbia Falls, Montana is in Flathead County, east of Whitefish and northeast of La Salle, in the northwestern portion of the state. The area that was to become Columbia Falls was a logging and agricultural area, consisting of mills and farms. When the Great Northern Railway built its tracks through the area in 1891, Columbia Falls, originally known as Monaco, became the eastern gateway to the Flathead Valley, and the western gateway to the North Fork and Lake McDonald region, and later to Glacier National Park. There were settlers in the area long before the town was incorporated in 1909. The first settlers in the region were Mr. and Mrs. Gaspard, who first build on a bank of the Whitefish River, south of Columbia Falls, later taking up a homestead on the banks of Abbot Creek, which became Martin City. In 1889, a group of settlers formed a community along the Flathead River, just south of where Nucleus Avenue now is, calling it Columbia. As that community grew, it formed what was later to be incorporated as Columbia Falls.


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