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Culbertson is a small town in Roosevelt County, Montana. The town was named for the Clerk of Fort Union, Major Alexander Culbertson, and situated on the Missouri River, twenty-three miles west of the fort, in 1887, the year that the Great Northern Railway arrived, although it was known as the St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Railway at the time. Many of the town’s early settlers raised horses for the US Cavalry. With the passage of the Homesteading Act, the town became an agricultural and livestock center. When agricultural demands dropped after World War II, Culbertson experienced a decline that was only somewhat alleviated by the railroad. Culbertson is situated at the intersection of US Highway 2 and Montana Highway 16. Blair is to west, Lanark to the east, and Froid is north of town. Culbertson sits on the edge of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, just west of town.



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