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Cut Bank is the county seat of Glacier County, Montana. The first non-indigenous people to visit the area were Meriwether Lewis and three of his men from the Lewis and Clark Expedition, who came in 1806, and camped along what they called the north fork of Maria’s River, where the river cuts into the white clay bank, for which the river was renamed the Cut Bank Creek River, and from which the town was later to take its name. An altercation took place there, resulting in the Lewis party killing two young Blackfeet boys. The Blackfeet Indians continued to inhabit the area for another eight-four years after the Lewis party left, and because of they viewed as an unprovoked attack, the tribe became hostile toward white men traveling through the area. In 1890, the Great Northern Railroad crews arrived to build a wooden trestle over Cut Bank Creek, and a temporary railroad camp emerged. Great Northern later established a station at Cut Bank, on the west side of the trestle, and a permanent settlement grew up around it. In 1892, a post office was established. Cut Bank is located at the eastern borders of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Sundance and Meriwether, located within the reservation, are to the west of Cut Bank, and Shelby is to the east. Alberta, Canada is just north of the city.


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