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The city of Dillon is the county seat of Beaverhead County, Montana. Upon completion of the first transcontinental railroad, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific from Omaha to San Francisco, the railroad planned further expansion. The gold camps were opened years before, attracting large populations, and supplies were transported by wagon from Corinne, Utah, a point on the Central Pacific Railroad, to the northern mining camps. A rail line from Utah into Montana was among the first branch lines planned. A narrow gauge railroad was completed from Ogden to Franklin in the early 1870s, but the line ended there for several years. When it resumed, it was realized that a new town site would be necessary. A group of investors purchased land from Richard Deacon and gave the railroad the right-of-way. A townsite company was formed, and Dillon was platted, as a distribution point for supplies. The railroad reached Dillon in 1880, and the town was named for Sidney Dillon, president of the Union Pacific Railroad. The following year, the county seat was moved from Bannack to Dillon. Dillon was incorporated as a city in 1884. Dillon is in southwestern Montana, south of Apex and Glen, north of Red Rock and Kidd, east of Jackson, and west of Virginia City.


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