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Fairview, Montana is in Richland County, directly on the North Dakota border, with its State Street separating the two states. The tradition is that the town was named by two people who were talking at the Old Log Store. One said that it was a fair view, the another said that it was a fair field, so they put the two names to a vote and Fairview won. Founded in 1906 by Lewis Newlon, the community was sparsely populated until the railroad came in 1912. Shortly afterward, a coal mine and power plant were established, bringing several new people, businesses, and industries to town, including a brick factory that made the bricks with which other factories were built. Situated on the border, East Fairview is in North Dakota. Fairview is situated at the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers. Highways 200 and 201 come together in Fairview, with Dore, North Dakota to the north, and Ridgelawn and Sidney, Montana to the southwest.



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