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Fort Peck is a small town in Valley County, Montana. Fort Peck was initially established in 1867 as a trading post along the Missouri River, doing business with the Sioux and Assiniboine tribes, and named for Colonel Campbell K. Peck, a partner in the trading company of Durfee and Peck. After serving only a short time as a trading post, Fort Peck was brought into service as an Indian Agency from 1873 to 1879, when the agency was moved to Poplar, where it currently is. Fort Peck had a post office there from 1879 to 1881. A new town of Fort Peck was situated two miles north of the site of the trading post, built to house the Army Corps of Engineers who were involved in the construction of the Fort Peck Dam. Designed as temporary quarters, the government-owned town included an administrative headquarters, hospital, stores, theater, recreation hall, and several other facilities. Unable to house the full workforce, other shanty towns sprang up nearby, including Wheeler, New Deal, Delano Heights, and Park Grove. The Army Corps of Engineers, which oversees the powerhouse, dam, lake and dredge cuts, remains the main employer in Fort Peck and, until recently, all of the buildings in the town were government built. Fort Peck brings people in for recreation at the Fort Peck Reservoir. Fort Peck is southeast of Glasgow and southwest of Nashua.



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