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Glasgow is the county seat of Valley County, Montana. The first non-indigenous explorers to enter the area were those of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805, who camped at the area where the Milk and Missouri rivers joined, about eighteen miles southeast of Glasgow. The Great Northern Railway developed the Montana Hi-Line, establishing Glasgow as a railroad town in the 1880s, bringing in thousands of farmers and ranchers, and transporting out the crops they grew or raised. Another influx of settlers came in the 1920s, but the Great Depression of the 1930s resulted in a decline in demand for the products produced by Glasgow area farmers, and this was followed up by a drought in the mid-1930s that caused a lot of farmers to go out of business. The town survive largely because of the Fort Peck Dam, which was built in 1933, and the participation of the United States in World War II, which brought a renewed demand for crops. The Glasgow Air Force Base featured sixty-seven buildings, providing employment during and after the war, up until its closure in the late 1960s, and then the closure of the Hi-Line shortly after. Glasgow is southeast of Paisley and northwest of Whately. The Fort Peck Indian Reservation is to the east and northeast of Glasgow.



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