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Located in north-central Montana, the city of Hamilton is the county seat of Ravalli County. Hamilton is situated in the Bitterroot Valley, which runs south from the border of Idaho northward to Missoula, where it joins the Clark River. The town of Hamilton was founded by Marcus Daly, one of Montana’s Copper Kings, an Irish immigrant who made his fortune in the mines of Butte, and founder of the Anaconda Mining Company. After establishing the town of Anaconda, he came to the Bitterroot Valley looking for timber to be used in his mines. Daly built a mill to process the timber, as well as a company town for his employees, and a summer home for himself. Hamilton was incorporated in 1894, and named for James Hamilton, an employee of Daly who platted the town along the root of the Northern Pacific Railway in 1890. Shortly afterwards, the county seaet was moved from Grantsdale to Hamilton. Hamilton is located along Highway 93, south of Victor, and north of Grantsdale, Charlos Heights, and Darby. Hamilton is surrounded by national forests.


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