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Located near the intersection of Montana Highway 12 and US Highway 191, the town of Harlowton, Montana is the seat of government for Wheatland County. The town is situated on the slopes of the Crazy Mountains, and surrounded by the Big Snowy Mountains, Little Belt Mountains, Bull Mountains, and the Castle Mountains. Wheatland is east of Twodot and Martinsdale, south of Judith Gap, east of Hedgesville and Shawmut, and north of Melville. Harlowton was first known as Merino, after the breed of sheep that were raised in the area. The community was founded in 1900 as a stop on the Montana Railroad, which later became part of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, and was once the eastern terminus of electric operations for the Milwaukee Railroad’s Pacific Extension, which continued to Avery, Idaho. At Harlowton, steam or diesel locomotives were changed or hooked up to electric locomotives. Harlowton was named for Richard A. Harlow, the Montana Railroad’s president.



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