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Situated in north-central Montana, the city of Havre is the seat of government for Hill County. The city was founded as a railroad service center for the Great Northern Railroad in 1893, and originally named Bullhook Bottoms. Before long, its name was changed to Havre, for the French city of Le Havre, as many of the town’s original settlers were French. Acknowledged as the founder of Havre, Simon Pepin, a Quebec, Canada native, persuaded the railroad to build its locomotive shops at Havre, on property owned by Pepin. The city remains a railroad town, with the BNSF Railway one of its major employers, along with Montana Hospital and Montana State University-Northern. Havre is east of Burnham, west of Lohman and Chinook, and northeast of Laredo, not far from Montana's border with the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Stanley Stephens, the 20th governor of Montana, and Brian Schweitzer, the 23rd governor of Montana, were Havre residents.


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