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Bounded to the north by the Yellowstone River, Hysham is the county seat of Treasure County, Montana. When the Montana Territory became a state in 1889, there was no one living in the area of Hysham. The area was part of Custer County then, and it included the eastern part of the Crow Reservation. When the federal government moved the Crow Reservation boundaries further west in 1906, the area was opened for homesteading. The Flying E, a large cattle ranch, ran thousands of herds of cattle in the area, managed by Charlie Hysham. The Northern Pacific Railroad laid a siding track to unload goods needed by the ranch, and the town of Hysham grew up around it. James O. Lockard built the first building in Hysham, and became the town’s first postmaster. Soon, there were two stores, a lumber yard, and a blacksmith shop in Hysham. Ada Channel became the town’s first teacher, and worked to locate a town site, along with James Lockard and F.L. Baker, who are recognized as the town’s three founders. Although Charlie Hysham has moved away from the area, the new town was named for him, and incorporated in 1916. Hysham is located at the intersection of Highway 311 and Frontage Road, north of I-94, east of Myers and west of Sanders.



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