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Situated on the Yellowstone River, north of Yellowstone National Park, in southwestern Montana, the city of Livingston is the seat of government for Park County. Livingston began as a trading post on the Yellowstone River, originally known as Benson’s Landing, about three miles downstream from the current town center. For a brief time, it became known as Clark City. Like many Montana towns, the settlement moved in order to be closer to the railroad, and it was renamed Livingston for a Northern Pacific Railway directory, Johnston Livingston. Livingston became the first gateway town to Yellowstone National Park. Livingston is located on the Yellowstone River at the place where it bends from north to east, towards Billings, not far from Interstate 90. Calamity Jane lived in Livingston for two decades. The travel writer, Tim Cahill, and the director, Sam Peckinpah, was also a Livingston resident. Livingston is east of Chestnut and Bozeman, south of Grannis and Chadborn, and southwest of Springdale, Carney, and Big Timber.


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