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Situated at the intersection of US Routes 2 and 191, Malta is the county seat of Phillips County, Montana. Malta’s location provides direct highway access to two national parks, Yellowstone and Glacier, as well as the Canadian border at the Port of Morgan. Malta is on the High Plains of Montana, with the Little Rocky Mountains located south of town. Malta hosts the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge to the south, and the Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge to the east. Malta is also in the middle of significant dinosaur fossil digs. Two stops along the Montana Dinosaur Trail are in Malta. The town of Malta grew from rail siding number 54 of the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway, built in 1887. A post office was established there in 1890, the same year that the railroad became the Great Northern Railroad. Tradition is that the town was named by a spin of the globe by a Great Northern official, whose finger came to rest on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Malta is south of Loring and Whitewater, east of Dodson and Harlem, and west of Beaverton and Hinsdale.



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