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The city of Plentywood is the county seat of Sheridan County, in the northeastern corner of Montana. It was at this site, prior to the founding of the town, that the Sioux Chief Sitting Bull surrendered to the U.S. Army after having lived in Canada for five years. The Outlaw Trail, over which outlaws moved their stolen cattle and horses, passed into Canada just north of Plentywood. Butch Cassidy is credited with having named the trail, establishing a rest station in the Big Muddy Valley, just west of Plentywood. The first business in Plentywood opened in 1900, a post office was established two years later, and the city was incorporated in 1912, after the Great Northern Railroad opened a branch line that ran through the town from Bainville to Opheim. The city is said to have been named for Plentywood Creek, which itself was named for the available firewood along its banks. Plentywood is served by Routes 16 and 5, which intersect there, and the city is east of Archer and Redstone, south of Raymond, and north of Antelope, and near the border of North Dakota and Saskatchewan, Canada.



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