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Ryegate is the county seat of Golden Valley County, Montana. The land that was to become the town of Ryegate was once part of the Sims Ranch, one of the oldest ranches on the Musselshell River. On the Buffalo Trail, at the entrance to the Sims Ranch, Mr. Sims had ordered a gate to be built. After he rejected the first gate that was built, another was constructed using posts that have held up since 1900. The town of Ryegate was originally a part of Sims’ hay field. The Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad purchased a right of way, as they were required to set a town site every so many miles and to name it. In Sims’ hay field, they set aside a siding for the railroad and a town site. As Sims had a large field of rye there, the town was named Ryegate. It is situated about halfway between Miles City and Butte by railroad. When Golden Valley County was formed in 1920, Ryegate was named the seat of county government. Ryegate is reached through US Highway 12, east of Shawmut and west of Cushman and Lavina.



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