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Three Forks, Montana is in Gallatin County. Like many towns, Three Forks got its start as a railroad town. Now known as Old Town, the first settlement of Three Forks, was reserved for the Utah & Northern Railroad in 1882, but their tracks had not yet been laid by 1905, when the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad determined to expand its track to the West Coast, acquiring land along the way to develop into towns, as a source of passengers and freight for the railroad. John Quincy Adams, a land agent for the Milwaukee Land Company, was charged with making the purchases for the railroad. In 1908, Adams rejected Old Town as a way point for the railroad, selecting a location on a level plain just southwest of there, which became Three Forks, and lots were put up for sale in 1908. Adams and his brother, Charles, bought the Three Forks Hotel in Old Town and moved it to the new location, naming it the Sacajawea Hotel, later building the Adams Building on the corner of Main and Cedar. Northern Pacific later built a depot at the other end of town, and Three Forks was incorporated in 1909. Three Forks is located primarily to the south of I-90, southwest of Trident, northwest of Manhattan, and northeast of Willow Creek and Sappington.


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