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The city of Troy is in Lincoln County, Montana. Because of the deep ravines, dense forests, and steep mountains that dominated the region, the southern loop of the Kootenai was known as the Montana Wilds. The rugged terrain and fear of Indians kept the area unsettled until gold was discovered there in the mid-1860s, although it was remained lightly settled until until the Great Northern Railroad established a freight division on the current town site. The origin of the town’s name is not agreed upon by historians. It may have been named for a civil engineer who worked for the railroad, for the Troy weight system that was used to weigh silver and gold, or for Troy Morrow, the son of a family that was providing E.L. Preston with room and board while he surveyed the area and laid out the town site. The first miners arrived in 1886, setting up a tent camp at the mouth of Lake Creek on the Kootenai River, a settlement that was known as Lake Camp, Lake Creek Camp, and Lake City. The first permanent building in Troy was a log cabin built by Hiram Cartwright on his placer claim along the banks of Callahan Creek, near where the Troy Museum is today. The Great Northern Railroad established its camp on the eastern part of the Spokane and Kootenai Placer claim in 1891, and the first hotel was built in 1892. The town of Troy was formally filed in 1892. Over the next few years, the other smaller settlements were incorporated into Troy. The city of Troy is located northwest of Libby, and not far south of British Columbia, Canada and east of Washington State.



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