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Named for Peter Valier. who supervised the construction of the Montana Western Railway between Valier and Conrad, the small town of Valier is in Pondera County, Montana. Before Lake Frances was constructed or the town developed, the Seven Block Ranch occupied much of what is now Valier. A person could ride from the current town of Valier to Fort Benton, more than seventy miles away, and never be off of the Seven Block Ranch, owned by two brothers, W.G. and Charles Conrad. In 1903, the Seven Block Ranch sold off all of their sheep and imported a new breed of cattle, the Hereford. These became the foundation for the Montana cattle industry for many years. In 1909, the Cargill family purchased the Seven Block Ranch. That same year, the ranch sold a thousand head of cattle to finance the construction of Lake Frances, water for irrigation being a major concern. Ranching remains an important part of the local economy, relying heavily on Lake Frances for irrigation. Construction of the lake opened up several jobs, which led to the founding of the town. Valier is accessed through Highways 44 and 358, and is located northwest of Williams and Conrad, and not far from the Alberta, Canada border.



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