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The town of Wibaux is the county seat of Wibaux County, Montana at the North Dakota border. Originally known by a variety of names, including Keith, Beaver and Mingusville, the town was renamed in 1895 for Pierre Wibaux, a local cattle rancher who came to the area from France in 1883, expanding his herds by buying stock from other ranchers. Soon after his arrival, the town became a cattle shipping center for the Northern Pacific Railroad, and the great cattle drives of the 1880s often passed by Wibaux on their way from Texas to the northern ranges. Arleigh “Bunny” Meek, Jr. was the sheriff in Wibaux and Wibaux County from 1968 to 1998, longer than any other sheriff in Montana’s history, and he succeeded his father, Arleigh Meek, Sr. as sheriff. The only uniform he wore was his badge and neither Bunny or his father carried a gun while they were sheriff. Wibaux is situated along I-94 and Highway 7, east of Hodges and west of Beach, North Dakota.



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