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The town of Winifred is in north-central Fergus County, Montana. Settlement of the area that was to become Winifred began with the establishment of Fort F.A. Chadron, built on the north bank of the Missouri River, opposite Judith River, in 1843. The fort served as a base for trade with the Indian tribes, buffalo hunting, and trapping in the region. Camp Cooke, the first military post in Montana, was constructed in 1866. Located at the mouth of the Judith River, it was replaced by Fort Glaggett in 1870. United States government records indicate only scattered settlement of the area by 1884, the largest influx of settlers coming around 1910. The town of Winifred was founded in 1913, as the terminus for a branch line of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, also known as the Milwaukee Road. Winifred is north of Suffolk, with no other nearby towns.



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