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Among the first settlers of what is now Crete, in Saline County, Nebraska, was Jesse Bickle and his family, who homesteaded along the Big Blue River in 1863. After a flood, they moved to higher ground, building a two-room log cabin, which is now part of a ten-room house. At one time, the settlement was known as Mapleton, for the trees that grew along the river. When the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad came through, Bickle owned that land that the company wanted for a town site, but he refused to sell. In 1870, both Bickle and the railroad each platted town sites, with Bickle naming his Blue River City. Eventually, they decided to compromise, and a plat was registered in 1871, combining the two town sites, and named Crete by Elizabeth Bickle, for the Illinois town by that name, and Jesse Bickle was appointed postmaster. Crete competed to become the county seat twice, but lost out both times. Crete is east of Dorchester, southwest of Denton, and west of Centerville.


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