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Founded in 1873, the village of Culbertson, Nebraska served as the first county seat of Hitchcock County. The original settlers of the community were largely of Norwegian descent who came to the area as homesteaders. When Hitchcock County was organized, the town was platted and, being the only town in the territory at that time, it was designated the county seat. Situated at the place where the Texas Trail crossed another trail that ran parallel with the Republican River, cowboys brought a lot of business to the town in its early days. A post office was established in 1874, and Culbertson was incorporated as a village in 1885, at which time an attempt was made to change its name to Bangor; however, nine days later, a petition was filed, asking that its original name be restored. Due in large part to a declining population, the county seat was relocated to Trenton, which was nearer to the center of the county, in 1893. Culbertson was named for Alexander Culbertson, an Indian agent. The village is east of Trenton and west of McCook and Perry.



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