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Falls City, Nebraska is the seat of Richardson County. The city was founded by James Lane, John Burbank, J.E. Burbank, and Isaac L. Hamby in 1857, along the north side of the Big Nemaha River in southeastern Nebraska. The town site was near a place where the river flowed over a four-foot rock ledge, known as the Falls of Nemaha, for which the city was named. Since that time, the river changed course and the falls no longer exist. Falls City was named the county seat in 1860, after three elections, beating out Salem. Its population was spurred by the arrival of the Atchison & Nebraska Railroad in 1871, and the Missouri Pacific Railroad in 1882. Its peak population was in 1950, when Falls City had a population of 6,200. The 1999 film, Boys Don’t Cry dealt with the 1993 murder of Brandon Teena, a transgendered person, in Falls City. John H. Morehead, the 17th governor of Nebraska, Arthur J. Weaver, its 22nd governor, and Dave Heineman, the 39th governor, were residents of Falls City.


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