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The area on which the townsite of Fremont, Nebraska was established saw a lot of traffic during the 1830s through the 1860s, due to the Mormon Trail, which passed along the north banks of the Platte River, serving as a major overland route for people emigrating to the West, soldiers, and hunters. A ferry connected the two banks of the Elkhorn River near Fremont. The city was laid out in 1856, in advance of the railroad being extended to the site, and named for General John. C. Fremont. The city was named the county seat of Dodge County in 1860. The First Transcontinental Telegraph line came to Fremont in 1861, the Union Pacific Railroad in 1866, and a highway was built very near to Fremont in 1913. Fremont is north of Inglewood, east of Ames, and west of Arlington.


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