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The city of Hastings, Nebraska is the county seat of Adams County, and the town in which Kool-Aid was invented by Edwin Perkins in 1927. The city is also the home of Fisher Mountain, originally designed as a temporary exhibit for the Adams County Fair in 1932, and later moved to the park and made permanent. Hastings was founded in 1872, the site chosen at the intersection of the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad and the St. Joseph and Denver City Railroad, and named for Colonel D.T. Hastings, who was instrumental in building the St. Joseph and Denver City Railroad through Adams County. Prior to its settlement, the area was open plain, and the Donner Party had passed through it on the way to California in 1846. Hastings was incorporated as a city in 1874, and the county seat was transferred to Hastings from Juniata in 1878. The Naval Ammunition Depot was constructed there in 1942, becoming the largest in the United States during World War II, but closing shortly after the war. Charles Henry Dietrich, the 11th governor of Nebraska, was a resident of Hastings. Hastings is east of Juniata, south of Hansen, and southwest of Trumbull.


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