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The city of Hebron is the county seat of Thayer County, Nebraska. The community was founded in 1869 as a colony of the Disciples of Christ, and named for the Biblical city of Hebron. During the Civil War, Isaac Errit, the editor of the Christian Herald, bought 750 acres of land in the area, and later gathered a group of people who were interested in moving there. Unable to move to the land they that they intended to settle due to Indian hostilities, they eventually settled south of the Little Blue River, but later moved to a plat north of the river, to be near the protection of Fort Butler. When Thayer County was created in 1871, Hebron was named the county seat. Not long afterwards, the Rock Island Railroad and the Burlington Railroad came through the city. Hebron is east of Ruskin, west of Gilead, north of Chester, and south of Belvidere.



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