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Hyannis, Nebraska is the county seat of Grant County. The village was laid out in 1887 and 1888, when the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad extended its rails to the area, and named for the Massachusetts town by that name. When Grant County was formed in 1887, Whitman was named the county seat. Prior to that time, the area was largely lawless, as there were few people and no government. As Texas longhorns had made their way into the region, cowboys followed, along with cattle rustlers. The governor sent Sheriff Bud Moran to establish law in the area, and he held his first trial outdoors near a small store, in what was later to become Hyannis. County residents began clamoring for the county seat to be moved to a more central location, and Hyannis was chosen, although not without a fight. County records were taken by force from Whitman and guarded until a suitable building could be found to house them in Hyannis. The village is situated between Ashby to the west, and Whitman to the east.



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