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Situated in western Nebraska, the city of Kimball is the county seat of Kimball County. Founded around 1870, when the Union Pacific Railroad lines reached that point, the town was originally named Antelopeville. However, in 1885, due to confusion with another town called Antelope, it was renamed for Thomas Lord Kimball, an official with the railroad. With land available through the Homestead Act, as well as railroad land offered for sale, Kimball had become a trading center by 1886. In 1922, Kimball was incorporated as a city. The economy of the town improved considerably when oil was discovered in 1951, although oil production has slowed considerably in recent years due to overregulation by the EPA. Kimball is located along Highway 30, which parallels Interstate 80, between Oliver and Bushnell, to the west, and Dix, Jacinto and Potter, to the east. Harrisburg is north of the city.



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