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Situated along the Platte River, US Route 30 and the Union Pacific Railroad, southeast of North Platte, in southern Nebraska, the city of Lexington is the county seat of Dawson County. Originally known as Plum Creek, the city’s name was changed to Lexington in 1889. Although travelers along the Oregon Trail had gone through the area, its first settlers were the Daniel Freeman family, who established a trading post southeast of the current town site. Due to raids by the Sioux, they fled to Fort Kearny in 1864, and found their homes and business destroyed when they returned. When the Union Pacific Railroad came through in 1866, it established a station on Freeman’s claim, naming it Plum Creek. When Dawson County was established in 1865, Plum Creek was named the capitol, which later became the county seat. In 1872, the Philadelphia Colony arrived with sixty-five men, women and children, and some of their descendants still populate Lexington. The city is north of Elwood, west of Overton, and southeaset of Cozad, Willow Island and Gothenburg.


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