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Situated near the Middle Loup River, and about five miles from Sherman Reservoir, in central Nebraska, Loup City is the seat of Sherman County. Loup City was first settled in the early 1870s, although the town site was not platted until 1873, when the city was designated the county seat, and named for the nearby river. The first store in Loup City was opened by Frank Ingram in April of 1873, and other businesses soon followed. During the Great Depression, low farm prices, dust storms, and drought caused unrest among farmers and workers in Sherman County. Loup City was the scene of violence on June 14, 1934, as a result of rumors of a strike by women poultry workers at the Fairmont Creamery plant. Ella Reeve Bloor, of the American Communist Party, organized a demonstration of support on the courthouse lawn, ending in a clash with local residents. Loup City is east of Ansley and Mason City, west of Farwell and St. Paul, north of Hazard, and southeast of Arcadia.



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