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The village of Palisade, Nebraska is mostly in Hitchcock County, with a portion of it extending into Hayes County. The community was settled around 1882, when the railroad extended its track to the area, and named for the terrain around the town, which was said to resemble a palisade. The town actually began in two different locations. In 1879, a man by the name of Samuel True built a store near Bobtail Creek, near where it merges with the Frenchman River. He was the man who named the town Palisade, although it consisted only of his family when he was named postmaster in 1880. When he learned that the Burlington Railroad was coming through, True bought land that he thought would be near the planned route, missing it by a half mile. Meanwhile, Ira Potter and Charles Parker sold their land to the Lincoln Land Company, platting it as New Palisade. By 1887, the buildings from the original site had been moved to the new location. A prisoner of war camp was later built in Palisade in the 1940s, holding German POWs who helped local farmers with field work. Always a small town, the population of Palisade peaked at 800 residents in 1950.



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