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According to Omaha Nation tribal authorities, the predominately European-American village of Pender, Nebraska is within the boundaries of the reservation. In the treaty of 1854, a 300,000 acre tract of land, known as Blackbird County, was set aside for the Omahas, who agreed to share part of their land with the Winnebago tribe in the mid-1860s. After years of declining Indian population, Congress passed a bill allowing the sale of 50,000 acres of reservation land. On April 30, 1884, the new settlers were permitted onto the land, and a city erupted that same day. W.E. Pebbles, foreseeing that a town would spring up along the railroad, took steps to secure a favorable location, claiming land intended for a townsite, which was named for John Pender, a pioneer of the Transatlantic Cable, who was also a directory for the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway. Pender was named the county seat of the newly formed Thurston County. Pender is south of Thurston and northwest of Bancroft.


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