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The village of Potter is in Cheyenne County, Nebraska. Like many towns, Potter was established after the railroad completed its track to the area in 1870, and the railroad station house was the only building there for several years, serving a rail station, post office, and school. After the railroad, the first to claim land in the area after it was opened for settlement were cattlemen. Frank Hyde constructed a livery barn, and dug the first well in town, piping water to other buildings and houses. A hotel was built in 1885, and not long afterwards the town had a church, a few stores, and a newspaper. In 1907, a bank was established in town, and the town was incorporated. By the 1920s, Potter had sidewalks, a municipal water and light system, a brick schoolhouse, library, and a power plant. Potter is located on the north side of I-80, east of Jacinto and Kimball, and west of Brownson and Sidney, not far from Nebraska’s borders with Wyoming and Colorado.



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