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Rushville, Nebraska is the county seat of Sheridan County. In 1884, a settlement known as Rush Valley was formed two miles west of the current site of Rushville. Two stores were built there, one housing a post office. However, when the Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Valley Railway extended its tracks to the region in 1885, it missed the established community, prompting Rush Valley businesses to relocate along the railroad tracks. In 1885, the town was incorporated as Rushville. The Bureau of Indian Affairs maintained a warehouse in Rushville for freight shipped to the nearby Oglala Sioux reservation, and Buffalo Bill Cody headquartered in Rushville when he was hiring Native Americans for his Wild West Shows, paying them in script that was redeemable only at the Asay Store in Rushville. Later, Cody filmed a reenactment of the Battle of Wounded Knee at Rushville. The city is situated near the intersection of Route 87 and Highway 20, east of Hay Springs and west of Gordon.



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