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The city of Saint Paul, Nebraska is the county seat of Howard County. The area was settled in 1871, when surveyors, James N. and Nicholas .J. Paul decided that the fertile valley of the forks of the North and Middle Loup Rivers would be a good spot for a town. The first building in town was the town hall, built in 1871, about the time that it was named the county seat. The Paul brothers also established the first bank in the Loup Valley. St. Paul was incorporated in 1881 and, in its early years. St. Paul was a typical Western frontier town, with covered wagons coming through, cowboys, large cattle herds, rowdy railroad construction crews, and Army detachments. The first two people to be executed in Nebraska’s electric chair were convicted for a murder they committed in St. Paul. Grover Cleveland Alexander, who was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, was born on a farm in the St. Paul area and retired to St. Paul at the end of his career.


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