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The city of Seward is the seat of government for Seward County, Nebraska. Settlement of the area began in 1862 when Robert Gale chose land there to build his home, selling some of this choice land to Lewis Moffitt in 1865. Moffitt built a two-room cabin for his family, which also served as a meeting place, a lodging place, and, by 1867, a post office known, at that time, as Seward Centre. The town was platted in 1868, incorporated as Seward in 1870, and named the county seat the following year. The railroad extended its lines to Seward in 1873. Seward is situated at the intersection of Highway 34 and Route 15, east of Tamora and Utica, southeast of Staplehurst, southwest of Garland, west of Malcolm, and north of Milford. The larger city of Lincoln is to the southeast.


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